Singing Sweeties

Here are a few videos of my cuties singing:

First up, Edy Rose...
Edy singin' from Leslie Hale on Vimeo.

Joy's turn...
Joy sings the Doxology from Leslie Hale on Vimeo.


Youth Room

Recently, we got new carpet at our church and we were able to make some changes around the place.  I had the fun job of sprucing up the youth/multi-purpose room in the back of the church.  I felt like knock-off version of Joanna from Fixer Upper (sort of...not really!).


the state of the garden

This time last year, Graham started a new hobby--gardening.  His first plant of choice:  PUMPKINS! He did pretty good and we had a few nice little pumpkins around Halloween.  

Throughout the fall, winter, and spring, we've been composting to prepare for his spring and summer garden.  

In the early spring, he got serious and planted bell pepper, kale, and tomatoes...

"Daddy, take a picture of me smelling the pepper!"

Late spring/early summer, he planted corn and watermelon.  

Our salads have been so fresh and yummy...

The garden has had an abundance of kale and peppers.  The tomatoes are starting to come like crazy now.

When he started gardening, I promised him I'd learn to can his produce.  I never doubted that he'd have a successful garden, I just didn't expect it to yield enough worth canning.  I was wrong.  

I've canned my first very small batch of diced tomatoes...

I was nervous, but these little half-pints weren't too hard and I think I'll be excited and prepared when he brings in the next load of tomatoes!

He is harvesting more and more peppers, tomatoes, and kale each day.  I'm sure I'll be canning more in the coming days!

**July 4th is the day to plant those pumpkin seeds!  Lots of gourds and pumpkins headed our way in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving!


Sunday Pics

We have never had the privilege of living in the same town as our extended family.  Actually, that's the main reason why this ole' blog got its start.  In 2007, I had just become a mom for the first time and our sweet Ava Grace was the first grandchild for both sides of the family.  Most of my posts were all about AG.  As technology progressed, I began to share more and more through texting.  Each Sunday, for at least 4 years but maybe even longer, I have taken a pic of my girls and sent it out to all of our extended family. * I rarely miss a Sunday*  It's the traditional Sunday Pic as we like to call it.  

Here are the Sunday Pics from May and June:

And March and April...
I'm nostalgic and these pics fill my need to preserve memories and capture my growing and changing little girls!  I hope we can keep them up for a long time!  Maybe my girls will pass the tradition on to their families--probably using some new-fangled camera or whatever! :)

Click HERE to check out some old Sunday pics.  


Summer Lovin'

"Summertime and the livin' is easy...."  ????? 

Unfortunately, the past two weeks our family has been sick with some crud/cold--summer cold!  It's been the pits!  It's knocked us down a few notches, but we are finally on the mend.  I haven't been this sick in nearly 11 years (since first year of teaching).  After laying around for over 60 hours, I picked myself up and went to the doc and got some meds.

Oh yeah....in the midst of the sickness, Graham goes off and gets his phone stolen.  *theft is so infuriating*

On top of everything, I've been super busy with my new job as director of Classical Conversations in Tyler.  I am thankful for this new job and really excited about it!  With that said, I haven't had a lot of summer downtime.  

Even through the illness, sickness, and really, really busy times, we've managed to have some fun summer moments already....

family game time

EDY:  Mom, can we watch ELF after lunch?
ME:  You betcha!

I've had a few photoshoots!

Six Flags

bath shenanigans

bedtime movie

I have been planning ahead and have a post ready to publish every day this week!  Stay-tuned!
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