Classical Conversations Wrap-Up

Wednesday, we wrapped up CC for the year.  It has been a great year and also a really, really busy year.  For almost six years, I haven't "worked" and taking on the director job was definitely a lot of work.  I'm glad I did it and plan on tackling another year in the fall.

Friday, we had our End of Year Celebration, right smack dab in the middle of heavy thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and flood warnings.  Even though phone sirens were blasting and the rain made it hard to hear, it was a great night.  Thankfully, the weather passed and everyone made it home safe and sound.

Like last year, I took class pics.  If you can believe it, I knew it was picture day and I remembered my camera, but I forgot it was picture day.  Make sense?  It's like my mind knew it was picture day but forgot that it involved my kids--no cute outfits or fancy hairdos for the Hale sisters.

I made a little video montage for the End of the Year Celebration.  The mission statement of Classical Conversations is:  To Know God and To Make Him Known.  I thought this song (in video) was very fitting to wrap up our year.  Check it out:

Classical Conversations of Central Tyler 2015-16 from Leslie Hale on Vimeo.

All of life comes down to just one thing and that's to know you, Oh Jesus, and to make you known.

Classical Conversations is a phenomenal program and I could talk about it, home discipleship, and the rise of Biblical illiteracy until I'm blue in the face.  If you have any questions, please leave comment!  I'd love to share.



Gran is 80!

One of my very favorite people in the world is 80 today!!!!  

Mary Evelyn Hudson--just a few months old

Gran--age 13

Gran and me

Two weeks ago, we traveled to AL for a big surprise birthday party!

Happy, happy birthday, Gran!!!  I love you! "You're my heartbeat."


AG's Baptism

Y'all...My cup runneth over!  

About a year ago, my sweet AG couldn't sleep.  She had been wrestling with some serious stuff and it was obvious to us that she was deeply convicted about her sinfulness and her need of a Savior.  Since she was a very little girl, Graham and I have been teaching her the gospel.  Parenting has been tough, but it has shown us our desperate need of His grace.  We are so thankful that the Lord has chosen us, broken as we are, to teach and disciple three little girls.   

That night, Ava Grace was awakened to faith in Christ!

Over the past year, AG has been growing in Him.  She's had ups and downs.  Don't we all?  But she is moving forward spiritually and we are witnessing the Spirit's work on her heart.

A few weeks ago, AG made her allegiance to the King of Kings known.  She was baptized!

AG Baptism from Leslie Hale on Vimeo.
*poor quality video.

One proud daddy privileged to baptize his daughter and fellow follower of Christ Jesus!


Five on Friday


A few weeks ago, the kids went to my mom and dad's for a Winter break.  It was more like Spring Break, but that's not for another week.  When our kids are gone, we text them pics of us playing in their room.  We sent them this pic of us laying on the top bunk and reading Ramona Quimby: Age 8
While the kids were away, we gave the porch a much needed make over.  We had cedar shutters made and installed, painted the front door, and painted the furniture on the porch.  It gave our house a nice and much needed update.  *Hoping to have the trim painted soon and possibly white wash the brick. 

This kid LOVES the trampoline...

My kids have issues...

a pic of AG and me