Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Guest Post: Our Life on a Budget

Last week, I was a guest on Our Life on a Budget.  You can read the post HERE.  Today, I am honored to have Stasia as a guest over here on my the blog.  You will love her bio, her tips, and her blog.  
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*Be sure and read to the end--I have a special announcement and proposition!
Without further introduction, here's Stasia...

Hey, I am Stasia from Our Life on a Budget
I am a wife, mom, preschool teacher, cloth diaper consultant,  unofficial campus minister (my husband is the actual campus minister… I just like to help him:), and probably a few other things that are slipping my mind right now. I like to do a little bit of everything.

Our family when sweet BD was about 1 month old!

I started blogging a few years ago, but never really got into it until my husband and I lost our first child through miscarriage (you can read a little about this journey here and here).  We were brought to an incredible low, but God really used writing on the blog as a way for me to heal.  Slowly, but surely I began writing more and more, and  have grown to love blogging.  As the name of our blog infers I intended to write all about living with in our means.  But as my blog grew and as I read more blogs, I realized I like reading and writing about a wider variety of topics. My favorite blogs are ones that I call “this and that” blogs, covering everything from budgeting, to parenting, to whatever else!  So if you stop by and visit {and I hope you do} you will really read a little bit of everything.

I am not even going to lie… this picture is super old… like before we were even married old.
My husband Andrew and I have been married for almost 5.5  years… in that time we have had 4 homes, lived in 2 states, and have had 7 jobs between the two of us.  And the funny thing is we are probably about to move again for new jobs.  I never really considered ourselves adventurers… but I guess we kind of are!  Speaking of adventure, we started our adventure of parenthood a little over a year ago with the birth of our precious "little"(she was 9 lbs 9 oz at birth so she was never really considered little) girl Bailey Drew.  She is a hoot and has a HUGE personality already!

BD at 8 months
So I want to share with you a couple of my favorite posts of all time! There are my posts that are more personal like the one about our daughter’s birth and ones that have become popular on Pinterest about things like tips and tricks of moving. But when I think about a post that is a little bit of both, personal and informative, my favorite is 10+1 Things I Have Learned from My First Year As a Mom. I love it because it shares some of the things I wish I had known a year ago, while also reminding me of the journey we have been on for the past year.

Thanks for letting me share! I hope y'all stop by sometime!

Thanks so much, Stasia, for sharing! I sure did enjoy learning more about you and your blog.  
In the coming weeks, Stasia and I will be teaming up again in a new way as we try to add more hostesses to the Happy Hostess Link Party.  I'm so excited to find new blogging friends that enjoy it as I do and are up for new challenges!
*If you are interested in helping with the link-party through hosting it on your blog, please email me!  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter through the Years

Easter Through the Years...

2008: AG's first Easter
2009: I couldn't find a picture of our family for 2009, but I did find a pic of Graham with AG and me with AG.
2010: Edy's first Easter and our last Easter in Arkansas
2011: I suffered a miscarriage the day before Easter and was sad, but we had a wonderful Easter celebration with our church family and I was filled with joy!  Amazingly, it remains one of my favorite Easters to date.
2012: We had been trying for over a year to conceive and still had six or more months before we would finally get the good news we had been hoping and praying for!
2013: One of our final family pics before Joy's arrival--she arrived five weeks later!
2014: Joy's first Easter!

Resurrection Sunday 2014

As always, we had a wonderful Easter. Great time of worship with the body of Christ, great fellowship with friends and family, and great food!!!

This was Joy's first Easter and I loved seeing her basket sitting next to her big sisters'!

I love this pic of my FIVE family mainly because it reminds me to be thankful and give Him the glory for everything! *more to come in an upcoming post!

Our Easter lunch was just perfect. We got to enjoy it with family and some of our close friends.  I shared our Easter table setting and menu here.

Love's Lookout egg hunt

Can you tell the girls were coming down from a sugar high at this point?

Good friends reunited! 

Coming up:  Easter through the years!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Table Setting

Today, I am sharing my Easter table setting...

I enjoy using my china.  There's just something wonderful about a nice table setting!

One thing I look for every time I shop antique stores is vintage linens/napkins.  I really like the special touch they add to my table.

Graham's Mamaw gave me a bunch of her hand-stitched items. I layered them all over the table!

I let AG and Edy set the "kid's table".  My little 'hostesses in training' did a great job!

Menu: Easter egg salad, relish tray, fruit salad, roast, potatoes, carrots, and lemon bundt cake

 Gouda was good-a!

Easter Egg salad was a hit!! It's an old family recipe so I can't share, but trust's GREAT!!!  Pinterest would be all about this stuff!!!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Egg Hunt 2014

Had to share the pics from our church's egg hunt...

 Hendrix and Edy exchanging in a little friendly pre-hunt intimidation!

I'm going to get more eggs than you!
I don't know where that girl's competitive nature comes from...hmmm.

They're off!

The girls looked adorable in their new dresses Gran bought them.  Only thing, it felt more like fall than spring!