Happy Birthday, Joy

Today is the day!  My baby's 2nd birthday!  I'm flabbergasted... my precious Joy Tatum is T-W-O!
first pics

After a miscarriage and then 18 months of infertility, it was especially exciting to find out the good news--we were going to become a family of 5!

 hospital pics

Joy Tatum arrived healthy and happy on May 6, 2013.  She was a precious bundle of JOY and so beautiful--still is!   My hospital stay was the best of my three deliveries.  I was able to keep Joy with me in recovery (c-section) and we've been "thick as thieves" ever since!  

newborn pics: Confetti Photography

I didn't have newborn pictures taken with the other two girls, so it was a special treat to have Joy's newborn stage captured in these lovely photos.

first birthday

I had a blast planning Joy's first birthday party:  A little birdie told me you are ONE!

random pics from year two

Happy birthday, Joy Tatum!  You fit your name...you are such a joy and I love you very, very much!  




Five on Friday

Five on Friday...

Saturday,  Ava Grace and I attended a tea at our church.   Ava Grace had the best time getting dressed up and spending time alone with me.  Who am I kidding?  I enjoyed that too!!!!!!!
We wrapped up CC on Wednesday!!!  Another year in the books.  I love our CC community.

Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie coffee creamer!  Yes, please!

We finally broke out the kiddie pool...

I can't believe my Joy will be two next week.  

last year's bluebonnet pic

this year's bluebonnet pic


Sunday Pics | March-April

We have never had the privilege of living in the same town as our extended family.  Actually, that's the main reason why this ole' blog got its start.  In 2007, I had just become a mom for the first time and our sweet Ava Grace was the first grandchild for both sides of the family.  Most of my posts were all about AG.  As technology progressed, I began to share more and more through texting.  Each Sunday, for at least 4 years but maybe even longer, I have taken a pic of my girls and sent it out to all of our extended family. * I rarely miss a Sunday*  It's the traditional Sunday Pic as we like to call it.  

It's been a while since I shared some Sunday Pics on the blog.  Here are some I took in March and April:
I'm nostalgic and these pics fill my need to preserve memories and capture my growing and changing little girls!  I hope we can keep them up for a long time!  Maybe my girls will pass the tradition on to their families--probably using some new-fangled camera or whatever! :)

Click HERE to check out some old Sunday pics.  


Texas Bluebonnets

Y'all the bluebonnets are out and just as breathtaking as ever.  Per usual, I took the girls out for some pics...


Five on Friday

It's been a while...it's busy...isn't it always?  Anywho, I'm making the effort to post today.  Here's my Five on Friday.


This girl...

During naptime, I checked on Joy and found her sacked out with a book on her face and a dirty diaper in need of a change.  Of the three, she's been my lightest sleeper and I didn't want to wake her, but that poopy was so stinky.  It was a challenge, but I changed her and she slept peacefully for another hour!  Sweet success! 


Name this baby?

Me (Leslie) - 2 years old

I have a hard time seeing myself in my girls, but I really think that Joy looks a lot like me in this pic. What do you think?


I heard a frustrated little toddler screaming in her room and peaked around the corner to see her trying really hard to mount this tiny horse.

Joy Tatum, you are too much!


Homeschooling has smelled wonderful this week...

Our rose bush has lots and lots of beautiful buds and blooms.  


Since January, I have been going through the interview process, attending trainings, and getting all geared up to be the Classical Conversations director for our CC community in Tyler.  I am excited about this new journey, but more than anything I pray I will bring glory to His name in this new role. Please contact me if you have any interest in learning about CC or our community in Tyler, Texas!  

Happy Friday!!!!  

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