I let the girls pick one thing to sleep with at bedtime. Each night they carefully make their choices between all the dolls, stuffed animals, and small toys. It's a process. Every. Single. Night. 

Looks like Joy is trying to buck the system. *I counted six stuffed animals crammed under her doll's nightgown. 


Happy Father's Day

A few weeks ago, I took this pic of Pops and JoJo.  I think it's pretty fitting for Father's Day.

I am so thankful for all the wonderful dads in my life!



In the middle of May, I celebrated my 36th birthday.  My family threw me a surprise shin-dig and my mind was blown at their secret keeping and creativity!!

My favorite decade was represented in style, music, dance, games, food, and most importantly...FUN!

Graham had a photo booth complete wth all the accessories!

How fun is this?!

Thank you, family!  It was a birthday party for the books! Can't wait to see what y'all come up with for my party next year! *wink, wink


Happy 14th Anniversary, Babe

At the end of May, Graham and I celebrated 14 years of wedded bliss.

This was one of our engagement photos...
forever and ever. amen.


Pulling the Plug

It's no secret that I've become the worst blogger in the world.  Technically, I don't even think I can call myself a "blogger" anymore.  Excuses:  We have terrible internet in our neck of the woods, these days I use Instagram as my "blog", and I just forget to post stuff here.  Just keepin' it real.

For many, many years this little corner of the internet has been my family journal.  And for a good long time, I really worked at it, enjoyed it, and connected with ladies around the blog-o-sphere.  But as time passes, technology progresses, life gets more involved (with growing kids and homeschooling), I find less and less time to devote to it.  A few weeks ago, I was tempted to pull the plug, delete it, and move on. Only, I haven't printed hard copies of my whole blog yet (something I really want to do).  I've printed copies of years 1-6 and still lack the last few years to print.  I plan on doing that real soon and hopefully I'll finish out 2017 with my Christmas home tour and call it good.  If I make it to Christmas, I'll have blogged for over 10 years--if you don't count the long, long sporadic breaks. Who's counting, right?

For those of you who've stuck around through it all...THANK YA! Get ready for post overload as I spend my summer "catching-up" the blog and getting ready to print this sucker.  My domain name expires at the end of December and I think that will be a good time to say good-bye.

It's been good, Our Joy...His Glory!  Thanks for the memories.  Literally!