I got to host my first Thanksgiving--first ever to host, first in our new home, and first with a new baby!  Triple firsts!

AG is really holding that head up well!
Ava and Nonna

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I was so excited for Mom, Dad, and Kelsey to see Ava Grace. She is growing so much and I knew they would be shocked. I loved having the festivities in our new home. Mom and I did all of the cooking and suprisingly, I did a lot more than I thought I could do. The meal was delicious and the table setting was divine--if I do say so myself.

On Saturday, Ava Grace was able to meet her two great aunts. They spoiled her with lots of love, but most of all CLOTHES. She is going to love them so much. Thanks Aunt Ann and Aunt Dorothy.

Yesterday afternoon, Ava was playing on the floor when I noticed that she was really trying to push herself over on to her back. I began watching her closely and after a lot of grunting and pushing...she rolled over! I was so excited. She is doing so many wonderful new things. It is so much fun.

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