That's Our Ava Grace

That's our Ava Grace!  Graham and I say it all the time around our house. When we are in the middle of cleaning up Ava's spit up/messes, we'll  say, "That's our Ava Grace!" Whenever Ava is crying and we don't know why, we just say, "That's our Ava Grace!" When Ava is laughing and charming us with her smile, we lovingly say, "That's our Ava Grace!" She is such a huge part of our lives and now I know why new parents talk about their kids all the time.

In other news, AG is officially sitting up. We have been practicing! The other day I left her alone with her alphabet wheel and she sat and played for about 7 minutes. I think she finally got tired and slowly tipped over. I love seeing all the things that she is learning to do. I knew kids learned a lot in the first year of life, but I didn't realize how cool it would be to watch the changes take place.

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