Month of Many

My second favorite month of the year is finally here. Next to December, I LOVE MAY.

Here's the rundown:
*May 8th: my sister-in-law turns 21! Yea Casey!
*May 11th: I celebrate my very first Mother's Day (Graham has already given me a gift--a relaxing day at the spa.)
*May 13th: Ava Grace turns 9 months old!
*May 18th: my birthday!
*May 30th: THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Whew, I made it!
*May 31st: Graham and I celebrate our 5th anniversary!

Now for an Ava Grace story:

Ava Grace loves water bottles. It's really our fault--we sometimes give her a sip of our water and she loves it. A water bottle can occupy her for a good bit of time. Tonight at youth, I gave her a water bottle to play with during the devotion time.

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