For some time now, we have been teaching AG to sign some simple commands. She is such a vocal child, and this has helped us understand what it is that she wants exactly. I caught her signing "more" and "drink" today. Ava Grace's "more" and "drink" are a little different than what we originally taught her, but we know what she is saying.


Baby Steps

For the last few days, Ava Grace has been taking a few steps at a time. She is determined to walk on her timing. Today, we caught her in the act. Priceless!


Scared Silly

This morning I had the step ladder out to clean/dust the fan in the living room. Ava Grace watched me stand on the ladder and stretch to actually reach the fan to clean it. A moment ago, I stepped out of the room to put the cleaner up. When I walked in the living room,this is what I saw:
 I know it's funny now, but at the time I completely freaked out.


Ava Grace is 11 months old!

Look at our growing girl! Ava Grace is almost a year old. I can't believe how fast this year has gone. She is now signing some simple commands, which is a lot better than her screaming. She is standing solid (no walking, yet). She did take one tiny step yesterday...One tiny step for Ava Grace, one leap for Mom!!!! She now has four pearly whites (almost 5). I am getting geared up for her birthday and I have been reminiscing about this past year. I am filled with joy when I think of how the Lord has blessed my life. Praise God!