Scared Silly

This morning I had the step ladder out to clean/dust the fan in the living room. Ava Grace watched me stand on the ladder and stretch to actually reach the fan to clean it. A moment ago, I stepped out of the room to put the cleaner up. When I walked in the living room,this is what I saw:
 I know it's funny now, but at the time I completely freaked out.


  1. That would be scary.

    Though it's cool that she does all her own stunts. She's like the Jackie Chan of babies.

  2. That is so funny (of course, I would've freaked out too!) It's amazing how kids figure stuff like that out- the other day Halle climbed on the window sill in her room at nap time- I nearly had a heart attack!

  3. Well, she's following her daddy and her Uncle Corey in their baby stunts. Her daddy managed to flip himself out of his little seat on the table where Renee was feeding him and land face down on the floor. And Corey took his climbing skills to the little red rocking chair and wound up breaking his nose! Perhaps you and Graham should think about accident insurance, if the Hale genes are as strong as they seem. And to tell the truth, Mom paid for accident insurance on me until I was nearly 30. Come to think of it, she's already doing a lot better than Graham's Pappaw Hale did on ladders. Whenever he climbed up on something, he frequently fell off. That's why I don't climb much. I have a hard enough time staying upright when both feet are on the floor!

  4. So off the subject, my favorite blog is www.ohdeedoh.com. I check it every day and just relish it. It may not be your style (it is just my taste) or you may've already seen it, but it's worth a look! They have tons of fun links and REALLY cute little ideas.


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