Getting Ready

It's that time again and I am really getting excited. I will be meeting a lot of my students tonight at "Meet the Teacher Night." I am looking forward to this year for many reasons, but one major reason is that I have a new classroom. The past four years of my teaching career, I have been in the smallest classroom at the school. I was in the smallest at Horn Lake and I have been in one of the smallest here in Fort Smith. It is really hard teaching 28 big fifth graders in such a tiny space. This year, I am in the largest classroom at our school! I am pumped. My classroom theme again this year is "Smileys and Polka Dots" (no particular reason, except that it's cute). I am proud to say that I made the curtains. But I must say, I had a little bit of "expert" help. Here are some pics of my massive new classroom!!! All it's missing is the kids!


  1. Looks much better than mine... I still have clear out all of the stuff for the teacher who used to share my classroom with me... only problem is that her room isn't ready yet...

  2. It looks great! You have windows too! I thought you had your tiny classroom looking good, but this really looks nice! Great job on the "window treatments."


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