Happy Birthday, Ava Grace!

Happy Birthday Peanut! A year ago today, at 12:27 p.m., you came into the world. You have been such a wonderful addition to our family. This time last year, we were meeting you for the first time; now we couldn't imagine our lives without you in it! As I write this post, I am reminded of your birth day. I was a little out of it, considering I was strapped to a table and numb from the neck down, but I will never forget your sweet face looking at me. I had tediously prepared for your arrival, making sure that every detail was taken care of before you came. I was so excited that the day you were to be born, I got up around 3:30 a.m. and I read my Bible, watered the yard, and cleaned up the one or two specks of dust I left during my nesting period. I wanted everything to be perfect for you. Nothing would prepare me for the overwhelming task of parenting ahead of me, but I was so consumed with my immediate love for you that it didn't matter. I love you so much. You have filled my life with so much joy!

Lord, You are so gracious. Thank You for this little precious gift. Help and guide us as we raise this little one. I pray that she will come to know You and fear You. I pray that You will protect her and keep her safe. I pray that You will be the desire of her heart. We love you Lord. This child has given me a small glimpse of your love for us!

Come and see the works of God, Who is awesome in His deeds. Psalm 66:5


  1. Leslie, Graham and Ava - What a glorious day this is! It is so wonderful to see how you let God's love shine through everything you do....Ava is a very lucky little girl in so many ways. I know you will have a wonderful evening together - give the birthday girl a kiss from her Aunt Cherie and Uncle Wayne - and remember how much we love each of you!

    Aunt Cherie

  2. Thats the cutest post and I love the pictures. I love being married, just enjoying being together! Everyone is doing good, I'm pretty sure my mom reads your blog also haha.. How is Graham doing?? Tell him that Jimmy and I say hi!


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