Ladybug Birthday Party

Whew! The party is over, but it sure was fun! Ava Grace was a little doll at her party. I could tell that she had a blast. I was so pleased with everything, especially the cake. When I went to pick it up, it read: "Happy 1st Birthday Ava Trace." I even spelled it out for the lady when I ordered it. I about died when I first saw it, but they fixed it with no problem. Here are a ton of pictures from AG's big day. They aren't in any particular order. Also, check out the video at the end of the post of Ava Grace eating her cake.


  1. What fun it is to return from Ft. Smith, go to the website, and see the all the wonderful pics from just a couple hours before!! The party was a blast and everything couldn't have gone better. We really had a great time! Hope Ava Grace rests well tonight!!! Love, Na

  2. Wow! Leslie, you out did yourself! It all looks amazing!!! What a lucky little girl to have a mommy like you!


  3. Wow!!!! Leslie, looks like it was an absolutely perfect party! You just created the cutest atmosphere - I can tell that by the pictures! Sure wish we could have been there...thanks for doing such a wonderful job of keeping us all updated! Love you all,,,
    Aunt Cherie

  4. Leslie - you are Martha Stewart! Looks like such fun. I loved the "welcome" sign. ha!


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