Carving, Candy, Costumes, and Charlie Brown

Graham has always loved Halloween and since we have been married, I have grown to love this time of the year, too. It officially kicks off Fall and we love the cooler weather. We are all about traditions in our household. Here are some of our favorite Halloween rituals:
1. Carving a pumpkin: This year we went with a traditional jack-o-lantern. In the past, we have carved some VERY intricate designs.
2. We love to munch on candy corn. Especially "Indian corn" (the kind with the chocolate bottoms).
3. The Food Network: They always have great ideas.3. Our Movie line-up: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown , Garfield's Halloween Adventure and The Best of Rosanne: Halloween Edition. Graham always watches some other movies, too, but these are the one's we watch together. 4. Costumes: Here is Ava Grace in her pumpkin p.j.'s from Halloween 2007. I can't wait to get some pics of her in her costume this year.

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