Back by popular demand...

So...I said I was not going to take any more pics with Lamby; however, I have had many people ask me where the monthly pics went and when I was going to take another one. Well, I can't continue to take these pics or I'm going to have an 8 year old that thinks I'm nuts. Picture this... Me: Come on Ava! Get your room cleaned up so I can get your picture with Lamby! You are 8 years and 3 months old today. Hmm, How do I calculate that in months only?

I thought I might get one at 18 months and call it quits at 2 years!  How does that sound?

15 months old stats:
Running everywhere!
Into everything!
Starting to get adjusted to table foods...still REAL picky
Loves the Wiggles!
Would rather be outside
Loves older kids
Talks constantly! Only a couple of "real" words
Has almost figured out how to open doors
Has selective hearing
Follows simple directions
A joy to be around!


  1. She doesn't quite have Lamby sitting in her lap yet, but she really is growing. I can't wait to see her (and you and Graham, too, of course). Bring your swimsuits. The hotel has an indoor pool.

    Aunt Ann

  2. I have misssed these monthly pics. Thanks for taking the time to get another cute shot.


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