Growing Girl

Today was Ava Grace's 15 month check up. I was glad to talk to the doctor about some of my concerns. I know he probably laughs at moms like me, but that's just me--I gotta ask the questions. Anyway, the doc made a point to tell me that AG is taller than 9 out of 10 girls her age. His exact words were, "She's tall and slender." She is a little over 32 inches tall and she is 24 pounds. She has the longest legs. They are so cute and chubby! She received a flu shot today and she will get the second round next month. After that, we don't go back until March! Yay!

I praise the Lord for my daughter's good physical growth and health! Please pray with me for her spiritual growth--that she will come to know the Lord at a young age and serve, worship, and fear Him throughout her life.

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