Christmas Traditions
Graham and I have several Christmas traditions that we have kept since we were married 5 and a half years ago, but there is one that we developed all on our own. We love and look forward to it each year...

The Ridiculously Ugly Ornament

We have this ridiculously ugly ornament. A couple of years ago, I rolled back the covers and he, Ridiculously Ugly Ornament, was neatly tucked into my side of the bed. Without saying a word, I hid him in Graham's sock drawer. Thus started a tradition that we have loved each year. The game starts as soon as The Ridiculously Ugly Ornament has been unboxed. We have to get creative in our hiding spots toward the end of the Christmas season, but it is such a blast. I laugh out loud when I happen upon his ridiculously ugly ornament face in an unexpected place! I can't wait until AG gets in on the fun!

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