Ladybug Invitations

These are the invitations I made for Ava Grace's birthday party. The wings open and inside is the actual invitation. The only thing that I'm not thrilled with is the antennas. I used wire and they are a little bit heavy for the card stock. Anywhooo...pretty cute. I still have to address the envelopes, but other than that, I can check these off my list!


Ava's Play Date

Today, Whitney and William (15 months) came over to hang out with Ava Grace and me. Whitney and I had a great time talking and laughing at the kids, but I don't think that Ava understood the premise behind a play date. She and William played--by themselves! Every once in a while, they would play together, but it was mostly Ava Grace crawling over to William to take HIS toy. They were really sweet, though. And I think that Ava appreciated the company.

"Can we PLEASE get in the pool?"


Ava Grace is 10 months old!

Look at our growing girl! Wow! 10 months old (in just a couple of days). It is hard to believe. Sometimes I think back to the days before Ava Grace. It is hard to remember what I spent my time doing. Now, my days are filled with lots of ACTIVITY! I wouldn't have it any other way. I am really enjoying staying home with her this summer. We are having a blast. She is absolutely in to everything and going nonstop. I don't even need to work out--I am chasing her everywhere. I am gradually preparing for her birthday. I am getting so excited. Graham and I went into a cute baby shop last week to have her custom birthday cap made and monogrammed. The lady asked Graham if he was ready for the party. He said, "Yeah, it's just a birthday party!" She and I both replied in unison, "It's not just a party, it's an event!" I know I am being way too dramatic about the whole birthday, but I am just really excited about my baby's big day. It is also sort of bittersweet.