Before and After

There is a space in our backyard near the porch that is really ugly and boring. In fact, our backyard is kinda boring altogether. I had some left over trim from installing two other flower beds in the front yard and I just haven't known were to use them.  Today, I put them to good use. I took some before and after pics to show the transformation.
Don't you love the rock? I have been getting all of that rock from a ditch beside our house. I have lined the front beds with it, too. I love the look--plus it's free. This little bed cost me just under 50 bucks--not bad for a face lift!


No Babies Here...

My little girl is growing up so fast. She has officially been off the bottle for a couple of days and this morning she sat in her recliner and drank her sippy cup of milk. I don't normally get her ready in the morning because I am already at work, but on Wednesdays Graham has a men's Bible study at 6:45 so I leave for work a little later and take her to the sitter. I enjoy getting her ready to go, but it is sad to drop her off for the day. I took her every morning last year, so a lot has changed since Graham has been taking her. She is so grown and can walk out to the car all by herself.


Like Father like Daughter

I came across a pic of Graham at a year old and I think he looks a lot like AG. I think people are right when they say that she looks like her daddy. What do you think?


Baby Ballerinas

I just realized that Ava Grace and Bitty (her American Girl doll) have matching ballerina outfits.


Pineapple Upside-down Cake

My Gran gave me a recipe for a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake.  It is delicious and very easy...

Preheat oven to 350

Ingredients: Betty Crocker Extra Moist Yellow Cake Mix, eggs, vegetable oil, cooking spray, pineapples, cherries, brown sugar, and butter.
cut butter and spread around your dish
Sprinkle a lot of brown sugar on top of the butter (margarine) and put in the oven to melt
While that is melting, follow the directions on the cake mix.
Once the butter and sugar have melted...
place pineapples and cherries in a pattern
Pour cake mix on top of pineapples.
Bake for 35 minutes.
Flip cake onto a pan.
I wish I had something pretty to put my cake on, but it needs to be flat.


A Day with Daddy

I love that Graham and AG get to spend the whole day together every Friday. Today, they went to the park. It looks like they had a blast. I am so jealous.


I want my toothbrush back!

This is Ava Grace pitching a fit after I took her toothbrush away!! Oh, dental hygiene, how we love thee!

Whoa!!!! Please don't tell me this is how I always laugh!!! I bet it is!