Almost 30

In honor of Graham's upcoming birthday, his family took him out to eat for lunch.

Gingerbread houses are yummy!

Na bought a gingerbread house for AG to decorate. The only problem was that she couldn't keep from eating the candy. She would act like she was going to put it on the house and then move the candy straight to her mouth. Priceless!

Thanks, Na.  It was so much fun!

Go, Texas, Go!

Thanks for this cute cheerleading outfit, Aunt Dorothy. She looks so cute in it!

Family Fotos

Corey took some pics of us over the Thanksgiving break...

Ava Grace was a riot and never sat still.  Photo shoots with a rambunctious fifteen month old are near to impossible. We did get one really great shot that will be our Christmas card this year.


Book Character Day

Book Character Day was so much fun. The teachers had more fun than the kids.
The Lion, Witch, and The Wardrobe
(We got 3rd place)


Back by popular demand...

So...I said I was not going to take any more pics with Lamby; however, I have had many people ask me where the monthly pics went and when I was going to take another one. Well, I can't continue to take these pics or I'm going to have an 8 year old that thinks I'm nuts. Picture this... Me: Come on Ava! Get your room cleaned up so I can get your picture with Lamby! You are 8 years and 3 months old today. Hmm, How do I calculate that in months only?

I thought I might get one at 18 months and call it quits at 2 years!  How does that sound?

15 months old stats:
Running everywhere!
Into everything!
Starting to get adjusted to table foods...still REAL picky
Loves the Wiggles!
Would rather be outside
Loves older kids
Talks constantly! Only a couple of "real" words
Has almost figured out how to open doors
Has selective hearing
Follows simple directions
A joy to be around!

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's that time again! I am so excited. I love the Christmas season for many reasons. One of my favorite things about Christmas is the lovely decorations. Last night, after AG went to bed, I got out all of the decorations and began having the time of my life. This year, we have a "fun" tree in the kitchen and I absolutely love it! It is filled with special keepsake ornaments and an assortment of baking items (i.e. gingerbread, candy, pots, pans, rolling pins, and marshmallow ornaments).

kitchen tree
mantle decorations

living room tree (all red and silver)


Our Walk

Every day after school, AG and I go for a walk. There are several cow pastures around our house and she loves to go look at the cows. She is starting to say, "Moo." Today, Graham was able to go for a walk with us since he has Fridays off. We bundled Little Missy up and headed out.