Dress up

I've recently discovered that I need to purchase some play clothes for my sweet girly girl. Ava Grace loves to put on jewelry and clothes, but her selection is limited. Most of her dress up clothes consists of an old scarf belt of mine, a jingle bell, her sunglasses, an apron, and of course her pink hat.

Yesterday, we went to Leightyn and Mylea's house (our neighbors) and they have some AWESOME play clothes--toys in general. Ava Grace had a blast.

Ooh la la!

Leightyn and Mylea have gorgeous play dresses!

Thanks girls, for letting us try on all of your wonderful play clothes.


  1. I love the pictures! Bring Ava down again some time for some more dress up fun!

  2. OK, we're going to start collecting play clothes. I'm sending her two packages tomorrow of clothes that I was supposed to bring her for Christmas, but I forgot to put them in the car.


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