Are you sick of those high paid teachers?

I, for one, am sick and tired of those high paid teachers. Their hefty salaries are driving up taxes and they only work nine or ten months a year.

It is time we put things in perspective and pay them for what they do...babysit!

We can get that for less than minimum wage. That's right...I would give them $3.00 an hour an only the hours they worked, not any of that silly planning time.

That would be $15.00 a day. Each parent should pay $15.00 a day for these teachers to babysit their children.

Then, that's 15 times 25 = $375.00/day

But remember they only work 180 days a year. I'm not going to pay them for vacation.

Let's see...that's $375 times 180= $67,500.00/year

(Hold on, my calculator must need batteries!)

What about those special teachers or those with Master's Degrees?

Well, we could pay them minimum wage just to be fair. Let's round it off to $6.00 an hour. That would be 6 times 5 hours times 25 kids times 180 = $135,000.00/year

Wait a minute, there is something wrong here!!!!

I wonder if legislators have really considered this!

This was e-mailed to me a couple of years ago and I printed it off and put it on my bulletin board. Teaching is NOT what it used to be. Those summers off--that is spent getting professional development hours to keep our licences.

Forget the days of teachers sitting at a desk and barking out orders. Let me paint this pictures for you--I have a classroom of 28 children, 3 of which receive special services, 14 of which English is their second language, and 5 that came to me reading on a 1st grade or below reading level.  I am expected to send them on to the 6th grade ready and equipped for 6th grade level learning. There is no time for sitting! No sir! No Child left behind!!!!

Just a vent session! It seems so unfair that schools like mine and the one I came from are falling through the cracks even after ALL of the efforts to see that these kids achieve success!!!


  1. Amen, Hallelujah, Preach it sister! Praise God and Have mercy! I don't know anything about the school your in, but speaking from your previous school.....you are dead on!

  2. I feel ya! I hear this from my mom at least on a weekly basis. Those little ones with no parental support are lucky to have someone like you in their lives! When I moved to Fayetteville I never understood why the schools in Rogers/Bentonville were so fantastic and ours in SWA were horrible...I don't think that's fair either. It wasn't our fault that they got more tax money...why should they get the edge while we were left with no heat in the winter. I said my peace...good luck with that raise!

  3. You tell it girl! You got an Amen from Jeremy too!

  4. I am with you Leslie. We teach our hearts out only to get them broken. We are constantly having to change teaching to adjust to what the legislature says, when they have never been in a classroom and know NOTHING about education. I know what you mean about getting them ready for the next grade. I have 8th grade students that have been "socially" promoted for 7 years and now I am supposed to teach them 8th grade material and have them ready to pass the Benchmark. It will truly be a miracle if over half of my students pass it.

  5. I was a little confused when I first started reading your post! But then I read on..... Great post!!!

    I really logged on to show Ben pictures of Ava Grace....too cute! Love it!

    Amy M.


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