Just a tip

I can't give tips on many things. However, I do think that I have a tip that could help some of my friends that are doing some spring cleaning.
Use matching hangers. Sounds picky, but it can really make your closet seem more organized. Many of you might already know this, but it took me a while to put two and two together. About four years ago, I cleaned out my closet and when I went to look at the finished product it still looked junky. It just hit me that all of the different color hangers made it look unorganized. I got rid of all of the colors and went with all white. It is one of those things that wastes dollars, but if you like things to look organized; it is worth it in the long run.

Also, I just love the Command brand of hooks. I hung these in my closet three years ago when we moved in our house and they have never fallen. And that says a lot because my toddler pulls on my necklaces all of the time. When you get ready to remove one, just pull the tab and they come right off without taking off the paint or leaving residue!
Pictured below is the particular type of Command hook that I prefer. I have been using them in my classroom for years and I also love them around the holidays.


My inspiration...

When I was with Yvonne on Wednesday, we went to her cousin's store. She was selling these cute burp cloths and that is when it hit me...perfect transition fabric!   I am moving Ava Grace to the front room some time this summer. I have been staining all of my old furniture for her to use. I picked up the bed this weekend and I will complete it within the next couple of weeks. I am getting a little tired of being strapped down to just pink and brown and I have been wanting to pull in more colors and and when I saw these burp cloths I began to get inspired.
We headed to Hobby Lobby to look for the actual fabric. Hobby Lobby doesn't let you take a swatch, so I had to take pictures.
I want to make big pillows out of this fabric and a roll pillow and small pillows with the other two complimenting fabrics. I am also thinking of putting a chair rail in her room. I'm really going to need to research that topic before I try it.  I just love the pale blue and it is going to be a nice change, but still allow me to use everything else she already has. What do you think?


Hiding in the Closet!

We can see you!

Spring Cleaning!

Well, I have not passed the kidney stone, but I feel great today.  I did what I had planned to do which was to clean. Graham and I went through our closet and got rid of a ton of stuff that we are going to put in the Youth Garage Sale. Our closet looks great! I'll upload some funny pictures of Ava Grace hiding behind the clothes later. I also cleaned fans, blinds, rugs, baseboards, cabinets, doors, and everything else that doesn't get a good cleaning regularly. Graham mowed and weeded the flower beds. So the outside of our house is coming together, too. Now I am sitting in the living room with coffee and candles lit while Ava Grace finishes her nap. This is nice!


No fun...no fun at all!

This morning I headed to school like any other day, but I could tell that something wasn't quite right soon after arriving.

Today is a big day at school...parent-teacher conferences from 3:15-9:15. I had a lot of things to do and the last thing I could worry about was pain! I tried to down some water, but I could tell real quick that it was not going to help my problem. You see, I have a mean history with these little guys! I knew that I was having the pain that only a kidney stone could provoke. I had to leave school and drive to the ER. There was nothing else that could help me at this point, but some pain meds.
Graham met me at the ER and in the midst of all of my pain, I noticed that I was the only one in the packed room that even looked miserable. What's up with that? Finally, I was put in a room pretty quickly and I some how talked them out of a catheter, which was a good thing. Why subject myself to even more pain! I did get some pain meds that made me extremely nauseous. They also made me a little loopy. Ahem...when the nurse asked me my husband's name, I said "Graham." Then, I proceeded to point to Graham and say, "This guy is just my lover." UGH, what in the world?  I think I totally embarrassed Graham. I received a CT scan and was told that I have a rather large kidney stone to pass. I was sent home and I am currently drinking lots of fluids and I am doped up on pain meds! You'd think I would be a pro at this since this is my 4th or 5th bought with these things in 10 years. Somethings gotta give!


Ready for S-L-E-E-P!

We finally bought a new mattress. Last night was the straw that broke MY back--forget the camel! I was up throughout the night tossing and turning and Graham and I just couldn't make it another sleepless night. We headed into the mattress place and I was ready to be testy(wheel 'em and deal 'em), but the sales guy just left us alone and let us try them out. He answered all of our questions and was very helpful, but he also gave us our space. It was a very tough decision, but we went with the Comfort Select. It is very similar to the TempurPedic Mattress, but it's about 1500 dollars less. It is amazing!!!! It's a memory foam bed, but it also has a pillow top. It also has a twenty year warranty and a promise of NO "King's Crown." Apparently, the "King's Crown" is that big hump in the center of  king-sized beds due to the breaking-down on the sides. I negotiated until I was blue in the face and I did get 200 dollars off the SALE price, but I still paid more than I would have ever thought I would for a mattress. I am hoping that "you can't put a price on a good nights sleep."

I took some pics of the bed in the before, during, and after stages. Can you believe that the bed came in a box!?! It's a bed in a box!  It is the coolest thing. Once out of the box and packaging, it just grows and grows. The mattress is a foot thick! Now my only problem is that my bedspread doesn't cover both sides completely.

Thanks to our friends Jonathan and Rachael for helping. Jonathan has a trailer and he brought us our new mattress and took our old mattress to the store for them to toss. We really appreciate all of your help!

still growing...


Beautiful Flower!

I was getting ready to leave for Ladies' Bible Study and Ava Grace brought me this gorgeous little flower. Our yard is filled with them! If you ever want a bouquet of these little yellow beauties, please feel free to come and pick them to your heart's content. And, since we are in a recession, we will give them to you for free!

Ava Grace, I love it even if it is a weed.


A Good Night's Sleep

Like I said a couple of posts ago, Graham and I are mattress hunting.  I have researched the topic and it's suggested that one lay on the mattress up to 45 minutes--yeah right! Today, we were just jumping from bed to bed getting some ideas.

I woke up today and I couldn't decide if I wanted to get out of bed.  Not because I was SO comfortable, but because I didn't want to face the reality of how bad my upper back ached! With that said, we are probably going to make a decision in the next week or so. It's time for a "good night's sleep."

We went mattress shopping so we could fit in that "good night's sleep" before we head back to our ache-pad...or pad of aches and pains...or sack full of rocks...or lumps a lot...or miserableville...whatever you want to call it.

No telling how many greasy bodies have laid on this mattress prior to me. I cannot believe my cheek is touching that bare mattress. I guess the comfort out-weighed the filth.   Ahh....spinal alignment, oh the bliss!


Headed to the Mattresses

Graham and I are about to start looking for a new mattress. Please give your suggestions. We do not know where to begin. I hate making purchases like this. Remember, Graham has had two back surgeries. He is currently "down in his back" and his physical therapist told him that a good mattress could do a world of good. Our mattress is really getting old and lumpy. It was Graham's way before we got married and we have been married six years. I wake up each morning with a sore neck and upper back. I can only imagine how Graham feels.

HELP!!! This is one of those purchases where we do not want to make a mistake.


Two down and one to go...

Before pic:

Over the past couple of weekends, I have been refinishing some furniture in our guest room. Remember the story...I got this furniture when I was 12 and it needed an update.
Eventually, Miss Ava Grace will be moving into this room and we will make her room the guest bedroom. This will be her new furniture.
Here is a picture of the desk, again.

After working on the desk last weekend, I began to set up the drawers and the door of the armoire in the garage to stain. I sanded and put one coat of stain on them before going to a shower at church. On the way home from the shower, I got the most miserable headache. It could have been from all the staining. I totally forgot that all the drawers and the door to the armoire where in the garage. I pulled into the garage and ran right over them.  The stain was still tacky in places and the drawers dominoed on top of one another. I put tire marks all over the door. Long story short, I had to sand places and restain--no fun!. It was a mess. It is finished now and I am SO glad. It's not perfect, but it will do.


18 month check-up

This visit to the Doctor's office was a little bit different. We had to fill out a questionnaire that should have been easy, but Graham and I kept questioning ourselves..."Well, does she do that?" and "I think I have heard her say that before." You'd think that we would know our kid better.

Ava Grace is in the 90th percentile in height and the 85th percentile in weight. The doc says everything is proportional and looks good. Ava got the dreaded MMR shot today, chicken pox vaccine, and one other shot.