18 month check-up

This visit to the Doctor's office was a little bit different. We had to fill out a questionnaire that should have been easy, but Graham and I kept questioning ourselves..."Well, does she do that?" and "I think I have heard her say that before." You'd think that we would know our kid better.

Ava Grace is in the 90th percentile in height and the 85th percentile in weight. The doc says everything is proportional and looks good. Ava got the dreaded MMR shot today, chicken pox vaccine, and one other shot.


  1. It broke my heart to look at that sweet baby girl! But I know that she has to have these shots. The best part is that both her mommy and daddy are there together to sooth her boo-boo's!!!

  2. She is absolutely adorable! I think I might say that everytime I comment on your blog but I am sure you don't get tired of hearing it! =) She just has one more visit and then you only have to go once a year besides sick visits!!!


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