A Good Night's Sleep

Like I said a couple of posts ago, Graham and I are mattress hunting.  I have researched the topic and it's suggested that one lay on the mattress up to 45 minutes--yeah right! Today, we were just jumping from bed to bed getting some ideas.

I woke up today and I couldn't decide if I wanted to get out of bed.  Not because I was SO comfortable, but because I didn't want to face the reality of how bad my upper back ached! With that said, we are probably going to make a decision in the next week or so. It's time for a "good night's sleep."

We went mattress shopping so we could fit in that "good night's sleep" before we head back to our ache-pad...or pad of aches and pains...or sack full of rocks...or lumps a lot...or miserableville...whatever you want to call it.

No telling how many greasy bodies have laid on this mattress prior to me. I cannot believe my cheek is touching that bare mattress. I guess the comfort out-weighed the filth.   Ahh....spinal alignment, oh the bliss!


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For our joy and His glory,