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Graham and I are about to start looking for a new mattress. Please give your suggestions. We do not know where to begin. I hate making purchases like this. Remember, Graham has had two back surgeries. He is currently "down in his back" and his physical therapist told him that a good mattress could do a world of good. Our mattress is really getting old and lumpy. It was Graham's way before we got married and we have been married six years. I wake up each morning with a sore neck and upper back. I can only imagine how Graham feels.

HELP!!! This is one of those purchases where we do not want to make a mistake.


  1. We do not have one but I have heard SO MANY good things about Sleep Number beds. They are pricey and we really didn't need anything that fancy. We got our mattress from Sams and I actually think it is quite comfy...it is pillow top and probably wouldn't be good for someone with a bad back but like I said, I have relatives and friends to rave about the Sleep Number.

  2. I have also heard good things about the sleep number bed. Jeremy and I bought a new bed and mattress about two years ago. We went to Denver Mattress and got the Durango. It is pretty firm but very comfortable. It was very pricey but has definitely been worth it and helped to ease our morning aches and pains! Good luck!

  3. I did a mystery shopping assignment a couple of years ago at a bedding store, comparing Sleep Number types beds with memory foam type beds. I thought I would like the memory foam better, but even though they were comfortable, they were also hot. The foam uses body heat to conform to and support your body. I liked a Sleep Number type bed made by Serta, I think, which really was comfortable (I like really soft mattresses and this one really was), but the air compressor that regulates the softness or firmness of each side was a little noisy. It was a good bit less expensive than the real Sleep Number though.

    A lot of major hotels feature both Sleep Number and memory foam mattresses. You might locate one of those and check in for a weekend night, just to see how it sleeps for the whole night. You can't really tell by just lying on it for 15 or 20 minutes in the store.

    Aunt Ann


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