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I can't give tips on many things. However, I do think that I have a tip that could help some of my friends that are doing some spring cleaning.
Use matching hangers. Sounds picky, but it can really make your closet seem more organized. Many of you might already know this, but it took me a while to put two and two together. About four years ago, I cleaned out my closet and when I went to look at the finished product it still looked junky. It just hit me that all of the different color hangers made it look unorganized. I got rid of all of the colors and went with all white. It is one of those things that wastes dollars, but if you like things to look organized; it is worth it in the long run.

Also, I just love the Command brand of hooks. I hung these in my closet three years ago when we moved in our house and they have never fallen. And that says a lot because my toddler pulls on my necklaces all of the time. When you get ready to remove one, just pull the tab and they come right off without taking off the paint or leaving residue!
Pictured below is the particular type of Command hook that I prefer. I have been using them in my classroom for years and I also love them around the holidays.

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