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When I was with Yvonne on Wednesday, we went to her cousin's store. She was selling these cute burp cloths and that is when it hit me...perfect transition fabric!   I am moving Ava Grace to the front room some time this summer. I have been staining all of my old furniture for her to use. I picked up the bed this weekend and I will complete it within the next couple of weeks. I am getting a little tired of being strapped down to just pink and brown and I have been wanting to pull in more colors and and when I saw these burp cloths I began to get inspired.
We headed to Hobby Lobby to look for the actual fabric. Hobby Lobby doesn't let you take a swatch, so I had to take pictures.
I want to make big pillows out of this fabric and a roll pillow and small pillows with the other two complimenting fabrics. I am also thinking of putting a chair rail in her room. I'm really going to need to research that topic before I try it.  I just love the pale blue and it is going to be a nice change, but still allow me to use everything else she already has. What do you think?


  1. Aunt Dorothy wants to know if she needs to bring her sewing machine at Easter. It can go in the car if she knows she needs to bring it.

    Aunt Ann

  2. Hey Sweetie -

    I would be glad to help with pillows or anything else you need for our little girl's room. Just let me know about the sewing machine. Pillows are not hard and should not take long to finish.

    Aunt Dorothy

  3. uh- make that "the other two". :)

  4. Hey Leslie- I've been in love with those fabrics lately too! The dots are on my new shopping cart cover and the other too are going to be summer jammies (and diapers- but that's another story) for the girls. I love it.


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