Weekend Trip to Branson

This weekend, Renee, Casey, Ava Grace and I went to Branson, Missouri. My sister-in-law is a student at The College of the Ozarks and I just love it there. We stayed at the Keeter Center which is a wonderful hotel with fabulous amenities.

The College of the Ozarks is an extraordinary college. There are only nine others like it in the nation. It is run by the students. Each and every student has a specific job that keeps the college running. It is like a miniature town, complete with its own fire station, dairy, day care, hotel, etc. One of Casey's friends, Tonya, took us to the barn to see the cows fed and milked. The machines that do the milking are hilarious. It brings back some memories of my own that I won't delve into. Ava loved looking at the cows, especially the little ones.
Friday night, Casey, Tonya, and I went to see Legends. This is a great show featuring Elvis, Tina Turner, The Blues Brothers, Rod Stewart, and Alan Jackson all in person...just not the actual person. They are fabulous impersonators.
For lunch, we went to The Hard Luck Diner. I love this place because Branson recording artists serenade you while you eat. Ava loved the live entertainment.
Next, it was off to Kringles! The store where it is Christmas all year long!!!!! I love it!!!!!

We had a blast Na and KK. We can't wait until we go on another girl's weekend!

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  1. What a wonderful weekend!!!!! I am so glad that you got all those pictures. Ava Grace handled the weekend beautifully and the memories are priceless!


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