My Mother's Day

this girl made me a momma

I had a wonderful 2nd Mother's Day. I was greeted with breakfast in bed, which was a wonderful treat. Then, we headed to church for a great lesson from the Bible on Parenting from Acts.
Here are several of the points: 1) Parenting is a great opportunity, so don't act like it's a great burden. Children are not financial burdens; they are an investment. 2) Parenting is a discipleship, so don't waste your time. Children are watching everything we do. Whether we like it or not.

There are also challenges for grandparents: 1) Leave a worthy, lasting legacy. and 2) Create ways to leave a worthy, lasting legacy. Invest in your grandchildren spiritually.

I am learning how to be a mother day by day and it is a really tough gig, but I praise God for blessing me with a child.


  1. hey great message at your church for parents. can not wait to see you all next weekend.
    love donna, nonna

  2. Rachel has that dress!! I also bought a smaller version...same print, different style, for Lauren so that they can wear them together! Ava is precious!


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