My little gymast

For the summer, Ava Grace is taking gymnastics. Graham gave this to me as a gift for Mother's Day and I have been so excited to go and see Ava Grace in action. She absolutely loves it! We took so many pictures that I had to make collages to get them all in.

Thanks, Graham. We had a blast!


  1. Thanks for posting so many pictures. It was the next best thing to being there! How many times a week do you go and for how long each visit? I bet she (and her mommy) are really tired at the end of the class! Love, Na

  2. OMG!!! Graham posted a comment on the blog! Yay! Mrs. Renee, we go once a week and yes, we are very tired!

  3. Ava Grace is the next Shawn Johnson! I'm sure she'll be a little taller though! She looks so pretty and cute in her "tard"! Can't wait to see you guys! Love you!

  4. What a great Mother's Day gift! Leslie, I know you will love these weekly excursions with your little gymnastics partner. These pictures are too cute. I love the hair pulled back, the red toe nails, and the determined look on her face. Ava is definitely a participant and not a spectator. Look out if they create an Olympic events for looking cute while hanging on the bar-- she's a 10! Love, Pops


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