I'll take the Cons

I haven't had much going on in the last couple of days that is blog worthy. However, I have been going through some pregnancy cons! I am coming close to the end of my first trimester, but I'm still feeling yuck! When I was pregnant with Ava Grace, I was not nauseous and I felt beautiful--healthy hair and clear complexion. This pregnancy has been quite the opposite. I am nauseous all day and I look awful. It is the weirdest thing...I always feel hungry. The kind of hunger that makes your mouth water and stomach growl. Then after I eat, I feel as if I am going to vomit, but never do. I have even lost a couple of pounds. I know that I only need about 300 extra calories a day, so when is this feeling of hunger and nausea going to end? I have found one item that has really helped tame my nausea--Preggie Pops.
Doesn't the pregnant woman on the package crack you up? I know I feel like walking in a meadow while looking like a pregnant Anne of Green Gables!

Anyway, do any of you moms have some advice? I'll take it! Were your pregnancies completely different?


  1. I think Cindy used those too and they seemed to help her aswell...and I still think its a Boy...i just have a gut feeling bout it! Do the Pencil test already!! love you see you soon!

  2. O Leslie! I am so sorry to hear how sick you are....Sorry! On a better note...I am glad we found each other in blog land as well!!

    Happy Blogging!

  3. Hahaha! JD and I used to laugh at the lady on the preggie pops! (I prefer the 'preggie drops'.)
    I don't have any gut feelings on what you're going to have this time, but I will tell you this: my pregnancies were very different and I have two VERY different (personality-wise) girls. Good luck!


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