Vacation: Day 1

We headed to Dallas after church on Sunday for our vacation and family time. Getting ready to leave...
Aunt KK and Ava Grace took a picture while waiting for our table at Texas de Brazil.

I didn't get any pictures of all the food at the restaurant. It was outstanding. AG and I were fans of the lobster bisque. Kid cracks me up...I can barely get her to eat chicken, but she will eat lobster bisque!

In my personal opinion, Texas de Brazil was better than the churrascarias we ate at in Brazil a few years ago...I think it is Americanized and my taste buds are used to that. The price; however, is MUCH different. In Brazil, we ate for 4 dollars a person!

Thanks for a great time and experience Aunt Ann and Aunt Dorothy! We loved it!

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  1. Aunt Dorothy and I loved having you all to come for a visit. Our stuffed animals have been needing someone to come play with them.

    Aunt Ann


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