16 weeks and Counting

I didn't keep a record of my pregnancy with Ava Grace. Since it wasn't that long ago, I do remember a good bit:
I was nervous the entire pregnancy. I didn't exercise very much and I ate constantly to keep from getting sick. I felt great most of the pregnancy and I enjoyed being pregnant for the most part. I felt flutters at about 18 weeks and kicks around week 20. I did not wear any maternity clothes until the middle of the 5th month, but by the end of the pregnancy I had gained 35 pounds. It took me 5 months to take off the weight. This pregnancy has been completely different. I felt very nauseated from week 7-15. I have wanted to eat savory foods, not sweets. I love fresh vegetables and fruits. I exercise daily. I'm wearing maternity clothes already, but have only gained 3 pounds. I felt flutters at around 13 weeks and I am starting to feel light kicks on a daily basis. I am starting to feel better, too!

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