Back and better than ever!

Today was my first day back to school with students. Many of you may remember that I looped up with my 5th grade students and will be teaching them 6th grade. When asked to loop, I didn't know if I was up for it. It was a FABULOUS decision! I am so glad that I did. This was the best first day of school I have ever had. My kids already knew most of their procedures and are about ready to get started on learning.

I couldn't believe how much the kids changed over the summer break. They look older, taller, more mature. I posed several questions to the students to start our day. One question I asked was if they noticed anything different about me. One of my boys raised his hand and said, "I think you look taller!" I had to laugh. I've been the same measly height of 5'2 since 8th grade. I told him, "No, but I am a bit wider." All of the kids just looked at me with strange glances. Needless to say, they were excited. One of my sweet boys said, in a sad voice, "Does that mean we are going to have a substitute?" He doesn't always click with subs.

It was a great day. I hope it is a sign of things to come.


  1. I am so glad that you had a good day today! I always say a special prayer for all the teachers on the first day of school! You guys put so much work into making it a great year for these youngsters! How did Ava Grace do at school today?

  2. Okay the comment just now was from your dear friend Leah...I am on Jeremy's computer! Love ya


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