It is no more...

For about a year, Ava Grace has only had her "C" at nap time and bedtime. In preparation for her second birthday, I snipped the end of the good ole pacifier. She was really mad at me and cried, "Pease, pease." I guess she wanted me to fix it. I asked her if she wanted to throw it out, and she said, "okay." She walked into the kitchen and threw it out. Unfortunately, she knows that I have a bowl of them in the cabinet.

She cried a bit at bedtime, but she is sound asleep now. It should be fine.

In the quest for becoming a "big" girl: big kid bed--check, no pacifier--check, check, potty trained--UGH!!! I guess that's next!

To be perfectly honest, this is all happening WAY too fast for me.


  1. It is fun to watch her grow up, but so hard to believe that she is old enough for all the changes that come along with it! I know that it is hard to watch her be so sad and to not understand, and you are to be commended for sticking it out. Love ya, Renee

  2. Potty training will be the death of me, I am sure of it!!! She was doing really well and then all of sudden...accidents all of the time!! Good luck! Maybe Ava Grace will be better. I waited until after baby was born so that the transition wouldn't be all because of the baby!


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