Meet the teacher night

Tonight, Ava Grace went to her new school to meet her teacher. When we dropped her off at her class, she never looked back. She immediately started playing with the kids. Graham and I left her for a while and went to orientation. I am so pleased with her new school.


  1. aww you got the pack and play and highchair! i love it!!! that is so fun!!! p.s. she looks adorable! i miss her already!!!

  2. Listen, I could just eat her up with a spoon! She looks adorable with her hair like that and then the outfit....could she be any cuter????!!!

  3. Sorry, forgot to add my name! the anon msg above is from your Aunt Cherie

  4. One of my favorites so far. Who am I trying to kid...They are all cute!! It seems that she has heard these things once or twice. Love you Na


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