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When Graham and I got engaged, we were attending Central Church in Conway. We were in a fabulous engaged/newly married couples class and the teachers were Jeff and Yvonne. We quickly became close friends with them and started to spend extra time together. Graham and I admired Jeff and Yvonne's marital relationship--we wanted similar characteristics in our own marriage. We also had many unique similarities that bonded us as friends. Once we were married, Jeff and Yvonne would make trips to Memphis and stay with us and when we were in Conway, we always tried to stop by their house for a visit. Many things have changed through the years...both of our families have grown in numbers, but our friendship has remained a constant. Even though we only see one another periodically, we pick up right where we left off immediately. For the past five or six years, Jeff and Graham have had a tradition of going to a Razorback game together while Yvonne and I spend the day doing girl stuff. We have so much fun catching up and crafting.

This year, Ava Grace got in on some of the fun. Yvonne or "Bon" as AG called her, gave her new doll. Ava Grace has not put the doll down since she got her. The baby doll drinks a bottle and cries when you take the bottle out of her mouth. We taught Ava to "bounce the baby" back to sleep. Instead of bouncing the baby, Ava shakes the baby in a frightening way! We have a lot of things to learn before Edy enters the picture!

Each year, Yvonne and I try to think of a craft project to do. Last year, we made a bow holder for AG's room. This year, we gathered materials and made hair clips. Since AG is wearing "piggies" most of the time--due to her wild and crazy curls, she is not wearing as many bows.

Thank you, Jeff and Yvonne for coming to visit. It is always such a great time. Here in the near future, we need to plan a family vacation together. How much fun would that be?

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  1. As always, we had a blast with you and Graham. You know, it seems like every year we get together we find we have even more in common. Jeff and I were so humbled when you and Graham asked us to be mentors to you. Thank you for that opportunity. I promise we did not take that responsibility lightly. You and Graham have grown into a beautiful couple who so boldly demonstrate God's design for marriage. Now, you are moving on to experience God's next plan for you...growing a Godly family. What a beautiful start for you. Maybe by the time our children are old enough to marry...prearranged marriage will be the law...then we can be family!!!! Ha ha. I love you very much and am blessed to have you in my life. You are an awesome woman, teacher, friend, wife, mother, sister, and daughter. You are a wonderful example to many. Thanks for your example of a Godly woman.


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