Mylea's Party

Today was Mylea's big day. We had so much fun celebrating her second birthday with her.
Birthday girl!

AG loved this little statue. She was cracking me up talking to her and giving her kisses. She loved that the little girl had "piggies" just like her!
Here is a short video of Ava Grace talking to the little statue and saying Edy Rose.


  1. This makes me laugh! She is too cute, and I am impressed with her being able to say "Edy Rose". "R's" aren't easy!-Whitney

  2. Love the picture of Ava Grace and the statue. My girls love their "friend" also. When Leightyn picked this "friend" out, she wanted it because of the piggies.

  3. Of all the videos you have posted (and I love them all!!) this is our favorite!!! We have watched it at least 20 times since it first posted. The way Ava Grace says Edy Rose is priceless!! Love, Na and Pops


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