Ava Grace has been having a bit of a rough spell in her behavior. "Terrible Two's" are in full swing around here. Graham and I have been in "discipline mode" each day and it is so difficult. We know that discipline is what is best for our little girl, but that doesn't mean that it is easy.

For the past few weeks, Ava has settled in nicely at her new school. She is gaining a lot of new vocabulary, she can draw and identify a circle, she can recognize the letter"A", and she loves her teachers and new friends. With that being said, each day that I have picked her up for school, her daily report has been NEGATIVE! There is a spot for teachers to mark whether the child's behavior was GREEN, YELLOW, or RED. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what those colors mean. For the past two weeks, AG has received a RED each day. I have been very discouraged by this. In fact, I talked to the "after-care" teacher and told her that we were willing to help in any way...I just need to know what negative behaviors are occurring from AG so I can reinforce at home.

The "after-care" teacher talked to AG's teacher (whom I don't see because she leaves before I pick her up) and the teacher corresponded with me through letter. She said that AG had not been on RED each day. She said that her class was learning the color RED and she had been circling that color to let the parents know what they were learning at school! Oh My Goodness! It was like a big sigh of relief. So, for two weeks, I had been a basket case trying to decide how I could handle my child's negative behaviors.

Although, AG has not been on RED daily, she is still having some issues that we are "chalking up" as the "twos." We are; however, continuing to press forward with the discipline even though it can be tough. It is our duty as Christian parents, right?!

We love you, Sweet Pea! We are praying for you and want nothing but the best for you!

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  1. Ahh....I just have to sigh. It is our duty but seriously, THE HARDEST THING EVER!!!!! It has just been horrible for us. Rachel has temper tantrums and her newest thing is telling me that I am getting on her nerves. I can recognize that she got this from somewhere...okay, me! But....I will pray for you. I keep hearing that threes are worse...we are almost there and if someone else tells me that, I might hit them! (Hmm...wonder where my kid gets her behaviors...)


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