To Go or Not to Go, That is the Question.

I am coming up on my ten year high school reunion.  I think it would be fun to see people I graduated with-- Plus, I'm curious about where people are and what they are doing.  However, I'm on the fence. I'll be six and a half months pregnant and I don't know if I'll be motivated to come.  Are any of you Magnolia High School Class of 1999 people coming?  If you went to your ten year reunion, are you glad you did?  If you didn't, do you regret it?  I want some input.


  1. I'm with you about being on the fence about going. I think it'll be nice to see classmates who have moved off from here and see what they are up to. As of now I think I'm going to go.

  2. You should go! It's just one night that you can't make up later. I think the best thing about going to mine was seeing people changed and grown up with grown up lives. God's redemptive grace was evident in so many people! (including me:) I wish Graham had been there.

  3. You should go! I loved high school and I have I have gone to my 10, 20, and 30 year! People will think it is precious that you are pregnant. Several were at my 10 year as I remember! It is always a blast to see old friends and laugh about all the crazy stuff that went on! Love mom

  4. Go, go, go! I have been on the fence about it as well, but I decided that I might regret it if I don't. I haven't bought my plane ticket yet, but I plan on being there! Hope to see you!

  5. Funny you should mention this...I am currently planning our 10 year....you may have read about my frustrations concerning it on the blog...but you may not. It is INCREDIBLY frustrating to be the one planning it and no one is coming. I graduated with 152 people and I have like 30 that are coming...that is spouses included. Anyway, yes, I am going...it is in October. I think that people that don't go will regret it down the road...but maybe not...just depends on how you feel about it. I think I would.

  6. Ten-year reunion? That was 30 years ago for me! It was our first time to get together since we graduated. (There was no five-year reunion.) Since then, we've congregated every five years. Of course, we only had 92 official graduates, but this year some of the ones who would have graduated had they stayed in school came as well. Of the 92, seven or eight have died. Still, the 55 we had this summer was the best turnout ever. One thing I've learned is that the differences between us--cliches or social groups--mean less and less as the years go on. Some of us even keep in touch by email now, even though the technology didn't exist when we were in high school.

    You should go, and take Graham and Ava Grace if the reunion is kid-friendly. We had kids at the 10th and 15th.

    Aunt Ann


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