24 Weeks and Counting

I went to the doctor on Thursday and everything seems to be going well. No major news to tell. I did bring home my blood glucose test that I will drink 30 minutes before my next appointment. I am feeling Edy more than I remember feeling Ava Grace. She is moving constantly. It may be that she still has a lot of room. Hopefully, I can continue to exercise and stay healthy during this flu season. I am a little concerned, but I know that God is in control. I know that worrying is not from Him. I remind myself of that each time I have a student sneeze or cough. I am praying for continued protection from illness for each of my girls.
24 weeks--nine pounds gained so far...about sixteen weeks to go


  1. Looking good girl!! I love what all you have done with Edy's room. It has inspired me. I guess I need to get on it soon.....

  2. Hey, Sweet Leslie, You look MAH-VE-LOUS!!!



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