Since it is getting cold, we decided to break out the warm pajamas. AG has always worn the footed p.j.'s in the winter, but this is the first year that she has realized how "cool" they are! She kept saying, "They have shoes, Bobby!"

Also, I haven't posted about AG's language development. She has really been talking a lot since she has been in "school". I love to hear her talk in complete sentences so clearly. It feels like we are really able to communicate. There are some funny quirks in her speech, too. For instance, ALL of her m's are pronounced as b's. So, I am still Bobby! In fact, we say to her: "Say, mmmmm Mommy." And she says, "bbbbbb Bobby." Her friends Mylea and Macy are Bylea and Bacy. Mickey Mouse--Bickey Bouse! You get the picture. Lately, we have noticed that she pronounces j's as hard g's. Today, when we told her that she was going to wear some new jammies, she screamed out, "GABBIES!" At least she is consistent!

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