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I went to the doctor today for a check-up. Dr. said everything looked great and we will know the results of the glucose test soon. I'm sure that it went fine. He did give me something to think about:

Up until this point, I have assumed that I would be having a C-section with Edy just like I did with AG. Many of you know that AG was frank breech (one leg over her head) going into the third trimester and remained that way until birth. In fact, she was completely frank breech (both legs over her head) on the day of her delivery.

At my yearly exam, last January, I asked my doctor if I would be having C-sections with all other births from here on out. He led me to believe that a C-section would be the best (safest) route to take.

Today, Dr. sang a different tune. Apparently, he thinks that if my body progresses normally, I should be capable of tackling a vaginal birth. Since my pelvis, uterus, and all that other stuff were not the reason for my C-section, he seems to think that I may be able to go into labor and deliver a baby vaginally without any major issues. We will definitely be talking about it more as the pregnancy comes to an end, but it is something that I will be thinking long and hard about. I will have a two and a half year old to take care of as well as a newborn. Let's face it, it is hard to "bounce back" when your abdomen has been cut open. With AG, I had time to wobble around, but I don't think that will be the case with Edy. Don't get me wrong, I'm aware that vaginal births are difficult, too. I'm just trying to consider my options with an open mind. Who knows, this baby could end up breech and I could be back on the table. Time will tell.

Does anyone want to give advice regarding a V-back (vaginal birth after C-section)? I would love to know what you think on this topic.


  1. Leslie I asked my doc about that when I had Sophia. She said that usually the biggest risk is an unstable uterus that could...I guess for lack of a better word...split right open during hard contractions since it has been cut open before. She said the same thing your doc said though that if all other areas were typical she would do a Vbac and just be ready for emergency C-section if necessary. I have a friend who had her second baby vaginally after her first was born C-section and it wet super smoothly. Who knows? Ole Dugger Mother has Vbacs! I will be anxiously waiting to see what you do because I will hopefully have to put a lot of thought into that in a few years too! Love you

  2. Leslie, I will be praying for you! That would be great if you could have a VBAC. Praying that you will have wisdom to know what is the best and safest for your baby...

  3. I think you would probably be a good candidate for a VBAC since the reason for your c-section was just that Ava was breech. My first c-section was because I failed to progress after 24 hours. I was afraid that I would have the same problem with my second so I had another c-section. I didn't want to labor for hours again only to end up with a c-section. I am sure you will make the right choice.

  4. My sister had a c-section with her 1st 2 kids because they were breech, so she just assumed she would have a section with her 3rd. But when it got close to her due date with the 3rd, the doctor said he was in a great position to deliver and he had no concerns about her delivering him. So, her doctor scheduled the date for her c-section and told her that if she went into labor before then, he was just going to let her deliver. She did not go into labor and ended up having the c-section. She said she kinda wished she had gone into labor, because the 3rd c-section seemed to be much harder on her with a slower recovery. I'm sure your doctor will help you make the best decision!! (And just a side not-with her 1st one they gave her the option to try to turn the baby or just do a section, and she wanted them to try to turn the baby. I was in the room with her when they did the trying to turn the baby thing, and OMG. If they ever give me that choice I will be saying just do the section! I've never seen my sister in so much pain!! And they weren't even able to turn the baby!! Ouch!!)


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