Today, we had our 32 week ultrasound. The doctor said that everything looks great! We were thrilled to see our newest little girl. She is so cute! She weighs approximately 4.5 lbs. That sounded like a lot to me, but the doctor said she is right on track. The ultrasound technician pointed out a profile shot of Edy's head with her hair sticking straight up. We laughed out loud when we saw the hair because AG didn't have much hair at all. One more thing, Edy is head down! The doctor said that we would talk more about the delivery options in a couple of weeks.

Holding her nose!
How cute is this girl?
She is just too sweet!


Our Stockings Are Hung...

By the chimney with care.

we finally have a few gifts under the tree. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Mothers and Daughters

Love you, Mom!

Tat and Gaga's

Wednesday, we headed down to Magnolia for our Thanksgiving break.
Oh, how I wish my child would smile and LOOK at the camera!
AG wasn't thrilled with the bounce around that Dad brought home from work. WHAT?  Most kids would LOVE this.
She did sit for a pic, but she refused to get in and play.


Gingerbread House

After seeing Santa, we came home and decorated a gingerbread house. It was a mess, but a lot of fun.

I made the icing too thin, so I had to go with cake icing instead.

I thought this picture was funny because of a certain persons little hand!

Click here to see pictures from last year's gingerbread house.

Santa Picture

Are you laughing?

 Click here to view last year's pic with Santa.


High Heel Shoes

Dress-up is a common occurrence at our house. Recently, AG has wanted to wear her heels, too. Since she is NOT good at walking in them, she just sits in her chair while wearing them.

Finally, I got her to get up and walk in her high heels. She did pretty good and I think she was proud of herself. What do you think?

Did you hear her?
AG: "In the kitchen, come on!"

Praying for More

My little girl stayed home today with another ear infection and Graham was able to take care of her while I was at work. I hate that I had to be at work, but I am thankful that the Lord has blessed me with a job that helps pay the bills.

With that said, I still pray for more. Why? I desperately want to stay home with my girls.

I am thankful for AG's school. Next to home, it is the best place for my sweet girl.


Christmas Tour: Main Tree

Our main Christmas tree is a lot like it was last year, but it still brings me a lot of joy. I just love it!
I know that we are decorated for Christmas pretty early. We will be traveling during Thanksgiving and right after Christmas we will be preparing for Edy's arrival. So, I wanted to get a head start. I don't mind it one bit!

I love Christmas decorations and I have posted a series of some of our Christmas decorations for fun! I would love to see what others are doing in their own homes as well.

Christmas Tour: Kitchen

The kitchen tree is filled with family ornaments, special ornaments, and cooking ornaments. We love it!

One of my favorite ornaments. A cup of Christmas cheer!

30 weeks and Counting

I'm beginning to hate these pictures. I can tell that my face looks swollen! As if having a round face and big cheeks wasn't enough...I'm the type of person that swells!
Not much to report. We will be having and ultrasound in a couple of weeks and we can't wait to see our little bit again. She is definitely more active than I remember AG being. I am starting to suffer from some mild lower back/tailbone pain. I'm also having symptoms of carpal tunnel and numbness in my legs. My doctor tells me that this will go away once she is born. I didn't have these type of drawbacks with AG, but I really can't complain. I'm feeling fine for the most part.

Thanks D.J.

Our Aunt Dorothy made Ava Grace these adorable pillows. I LOVE THEM!
Thank you so much, D.J.


We're on a roll!

Today, AG went to school and was pretty successful at pottying in the toilet. Toward the end of the day, she did have one accident. All in all, it was a great day! I am so thrilled!


Potty Training Day 3

Today was GREAT! No accidents! NOT ONE!

Tomorrow will be the real test--AG will have to use the potty at school all day!

By the way, I never would have thought that I could get SO excited over some poop in a toilet! It was awesome!


Potty Training Day 2

Only one accident today and it was a BIG one. After breakfast, I knew that AG would need to go poop. She sat on the potty for a while, but never went. I finally let her go play in her room. In a matter of minutes, she had pooped in her panties. I was so upset! UGH!!!
Other than that, we had an awesome day. AG made it to the toilet every other time, but never had another BM.
Tonight, we had a short potty party at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate (Thanks Pops). We only stayed out an hour and she had zero accidents.
All in all, it was a good day! Maybe tomorrow we will get that poop in the potty!

Potty Training Day 1

Yesterday, AG only had a total of 3 accidents. I was worried that we (Graham and I) were doing too much of the initiating. But, by the end of the day, she was telling us that she needed to pee pee. She only pooped once and it didn't quite make it in the toilet. Although she was standing right by it. All in all, it was a good day. We are hopeful for today. We shall see!


"No more diapers..."

We are in the middle of potty training. IT IS NOT EASY!!! We have used so many different tips and strategies and I think that they are working for the most part. AG has only had two accidents this morning. However, she hasn't pooped yet. I'm still waiting for this occurrence. I don't know how that is going to work. We will see.

I made up a song that we have been singing...
(to the tune of "Are you Sleeping")

No more diapers, No more diapers
Ava Grace, Ava Grace
We pee pee in the potty and poo poo in the potty
I'm a big girl, I'm a big girl.
I'm SO NOT cool! Whatever works, right?


Potty Training 101

This Friday, I am planning on starting the potty training process. AG goes potty quite a bit in the toilet, but not consistently and never poopie. This weekend, we are diving in completely! No pun intended!  Any pointers? I read a lot of parenting books, but I have never studied-up on potty training. Tips are needed and welcomed!



Last night, we headed out with the Holmes' and the Martin's for some awesome trick-or-treating fun! We had a hayride through a neighborhood and made stops at various houses. The kids had a blast. AG loved the hayride and didn't want to get off the trailer to trick-or-treat.

"Is anybody home?"

All the girls waiting patiently.
Hurry, please!
Dorothy and Little Red Riding Hood

Snuggling on the hayride.

Macy, Leightyn, Mylea, and Ava Grace
What a fun time we had!

The HAT!

Every Halloween we have taken AG's pic with this hat. Remember it?--click here. She has a special appreciation for it this year--it has piggies!