Christmas Tour: Main Tree

Our main Christmas tree is a lot like it was last year, but it still brings me a lot of joy. I just love it!
I know that we are decorated for Christmas pretty early. We will be traveling during Thanksgiving and right after Christmas we will be preparing for Edy's arrival. So, I wanted to get a head start. I don't mind it one bit!

I love Christmas decorations and I have posted a series of some of our Christmas decorations for fun! I would love to see what others are doing in their own homes as well.

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  1. Leslie, everything looks absolutely magical. Of course, you KNOW that I don't think it's too early....we started working on ours this weekend, too..hope to get finished before we leave for Thanksgiving. I know you loved having Renee there to help you! Wish she would come my way - could sure use her touch at my house as well!! Love you all - Aunt Cherie


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