Snow {ice} Day

Even though it was just ice and not snow, we still enjoyed our time together. We got two days off! It was amazing.

Dress up

I've recently discovered that I need to purchase some play clothes for my sweet girly girl. Ava Grace loves to put on jewelry and clothes, but her selection is limited. Most of her dress up clothes consists of an old scarf belt of mine, a jingle bell, her sunglasses, an apron, and of course her pink hat.

Yesterday, we went to Leightyn and Mylea's house (our neighbors) and they have some AWESOME play clothes--toys in general. Ava Grace had a blast.

Ooh la la!

Leightyn and Mylea have gorgeous play dresses!

Thanks girls, for letting us try on all of your wonderful play clothes.



We absolutely love our fence. Thanks to everyone for the gift cards to Lowe's which helped make it possible. Ava Grace is going to love playing outside this spring and summer. Today, we let her run around for a bit after lunch and she did not want to come back inside. She loves it and so do we!

Aqua is my signature color

My little one has some BLUE eyes. They are factually beautiful. With that said, she looks stunning in blue (pale blue, turquoise, aqua).


Ole John Bradlelum

My kid watches too much of The Wiggles. I realize that. They are her buds from down under. The other day, I was laying on the couch and I noticed that she knew the actual moves to the songs. All this time I've just thought that she was dancing around like a crazy person, but she is actually doing the steps. I tried to catch her in the act with her new favorite song, "Old John Bradlelem." What you can't see is that The Wiggles are slapping their legs from time to time, putting their hands behind their backs, and then covering their mouths when the kids giggle.  Had to share this video. I think it is adorable. Of course I do, it's my kid we're talking about here.


First Haircut

Ava Grace got her first haircut tonight. I was a little nervous about getting her hair cut, but the stylist did fine and was able to handle Ava's wiggling. To tell you the truth, you can barely tell that her hair was cut, but it did get evened out a bit and I have a little strand for her scrapbook.


New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve we went out to eat with our neighbor friends. We had a great time and Graham and I were finally able to make it all the way to twelve this year. That hasn't happened in two years! We are so cool!