Pics with my Girl

I love to take pictures with my girl, even though I rarely get a picture in which we are both looking at the camera.


C-ya 5th grade

Tomorrow will be my last day as a 5th grade teacher...at least for another year. Next school year, I will be taking on a new challenge--looping. I'm going to be teaching my very same students in my same classroom next year. The only difference is that I will teach 6th grade curriculum.  I will be a 6th grade teacher for the first time. I am excited to see how well this "experiment" works out. For now, I am concentrating on my last day of school with the kiddos. I'm also getting geared up for my fun-filled summer with my little girl. Whoohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's Cold!

The weather was so nice yesterday and AG and I had some fun in the sprinkler. The only problem was that  the water was so cold. She kept running up to the water and saying, "It's cold, it's cold, it's cold..." She preferred to play around the water.


Great Birthday!

I had a wonderful birthday.When I woke up, Graham and Casey had the kitchen decorated so cute. It was such a nice treat. Tonight, Graham and I had a great Japanese dinner followed by an awesome Marble Slab strawberry ice cream cake!

Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes and cards. It has been such a nice day.


Trip Down Memory Lane

Ten years ago, I graduated from high school.
Class of 1999Dad and me at my senior piano recital


My Mother's Day

this girl made me a momma

I had a wonderful 2nd Mother's Day. I was greeted with breakfast in bed, which was a wonderful treat. Then, we headed to church for a great lesson from the Bible on Parenting from Acts.
Here are several of the points: 1) Parenting is a great opportunity, so don't act like it's a great burden. Children are not financial burdens; they are an investment. 2) Parenting is a discipleship, so don't waste your time. Children are watching everything we do. Whether we like it or not.

There are also challenges for grandparents: 1) Leave a worthy, lasting legacy. and 2) Create ways to leave a worthy, lasting legacy. Invest in your grandchildren spiritually.

I am learning how to be a mother day by day and it is a really tough gig, but I praise God for blessing me with a child.


I love being a mom!

Lazy Saturday

I love that crooked smile!
Kids do the silliest things!

Here comes the sun...

We have had some serious storms lately, but we did have a couple of hours of sunshine before it started raining again.

Riding plasma cars with Leightyn
Look at that cute little profile!

The rain has helped to make our lawn REALLY green. Graham loves that.

There's that tongue!

The rain has moved back in and is here to stay for the next few days. We'll be inside for the time being.


Ladies Cinco de Mayo Dinner

The ladies at church had a Cinco de Mayo dinner last night. It was so much fun and the food was delicious. I love Mexican food, so this was my kind of dinner! The decorations were so cute and festive! It was nice to have some time with the ladies to socialize.

Rachael and I were in charge of cleaning the unused glasses!