Bearing Gifts

Graham has a talent for buying good gifts. He brought Ava and I these awesome items from Nicaragua.
Hand carved leaf plate--My husband knows me so well. I love it!

A handmade toddler purse. So cute!

Thank you, Graham. We love our gifts.

So You Think You Can...

Graham ran into Twitch (a finalist on SYTYCD Season 4) in the Dallas airport early this morning! I was on the phone with him at the time he saw Twitch. I told  him to get his picture taken with him. He didn't want to, but I told him it was blog worthy!


Ava's First Day

AG made it through her first day of preschool. She cried a lot when I left her and that was hard for me, too. When I picked her up, the director told me that she shed a lot of tears, but loved playing outside and playing with the other kids. On the ride home, Ava Grace was very talkative. I could tell she was glad to see me. When I unpacked her backpack, I noticed that she had colored a picture with cats, hats, mats, etc. There was a big letter "A" and a lower case "a" on the page. When I pointed to the letters, she said "Aaaaaaa." So, despite the sadness, she still had some fun and learning. I'm expecting tomorrow to be a little harder, but by the end of the week, I bet she will be fine. If you think about it, say a little prayer for her tomorrow.

When Graham departed...

Nicaragua Mission Trip

Graham has made it to Nicaragua. Their group is teaching and training young pastors so they are capable of sharing the gospel with their people. I am so excited that our church has an opportunity to minister to these people. I heard from Graham yesterday and they made it safely and were about to go eat dinner. I'll give updates as I hear them. Please keep them in your prayers.

While Graham has been gone, Mrs. Renee and I have been busy. She painted two walls in my living room and I have been staining AG's baby bed for her new brother or sister. It has been a lot of work, but I think it will be perfect in the end.

AG starts pre-school today and I am so excited and nervous. I'll let you know how it goes! If you think about it, say a little prayer for my sweet girl this morning. This will be a new adventure for her!


First time to Chuck E Cheese

AG's Gran (great-grandmother) sent her some money for her birthday. We took her to Chuck E Cheese for the first time tonight. She had a fantastic time! She loved watching the Chuck E. Cheese Make Believe Band. She danced and rode several kiddie rides. At the end of the night, she turned in her tokens for a sucker! She loves "suckies."

*Silly Childhood story at the end of the post*

Taking AG to Chuck E Cheese reminds me of a story from my childhood:

I think I was 7 or 8 at the time. My family and I lived in a small town in Mississippi. I was on summer vacation and about to leave for my Gran's house in a couple of days. My Gran told me that she and my aunts would take me to Show Biz Pizza (now Chuck E Cheese) when I got to Alabama. I was so excited. The Sunday night before I left, our preacher was preaching a sermon on Christ's return. He said that Jesus could come back at any time. He went on to say that Christ may come back in one hundred years or He could return tonight--no one knows when, but we are to be prepared. I remember sitting in my pew and praying, "Lord, I love You and You can come back any time You want, but please don't come back until after I go to Show Biz Pizza!"

What can I say, I was a kid, right?! And kids love places like Chuck E Cheese!


Back and better than ever!

Today was my first day back to school with students. Many of you may remember that I looped up with my 5th grade students and will be teaching them 6th grade. When asked to loop, I didn't know if I was up for it. It was a FABULOUS decision! I am so glad that I did. This was the best first day of school I have ever had. My kids already knew most of their procedures and are about ready to get started on learning.

I couldn't believe how much the kids changed over the summer break. They look older, taller, more mature. I posed several questions to the students to start our day. One question I asked was if they noticed anything different about me. One of my boys raised his hand and said, "I think you look taller!" I had to laugh. I've been the same measly height of 5'2 since 8th grade. I told him, "No, but I am a bit wider." All of the kids just looked at me with strange glances. Needless to say, they were excited. One of my sweet boys said, in a sad voice, "Does that mean we are going to have a substitute?" He doesn't always click with subs.

It was a great day. I hope it is a sign of things to come.


Meet the teacher night

Tonight, Ava Grace went to her new school to meet her teacher. When we dropped her off at her class, she never looked back. She immediately started playing with the kids. Graham and I left her for a while and went to orientation. I am so pleased with her new school.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

My sweet girl turned two today! Man, where has the time gone?Ava Grace: 2 years old

Ava Grace: 1 year old
Ava Grace on the day she was born.

Hey Goodlookin', what cha got cookin?

How about cookin' something good for me!


16 weeks and Counting

I didn't keep a record of my pregnancy with Ava Grace. Since it wasn't that long ago, I do remember a good bit:
I was nervous the entire pregnancy. I didn't exercise very much and I ate constantly to keep from getting sick. I felt great most of the pregnancy and I enjoyed being pregnant for the most part. I felt flutters at about 18 weeks and kicks around week 20. I did not wear any maternity clothes until the middle of the 5th month, but by the end of the pregnancy I had gained 35 pounds. It took me 5 months to take off the weight. This pregnancy has been completely different. I felt very nauseated from week 7-15. I have wanted to eat savory foods, not sweets. I love fresh vegetables and fruits. I exercise daily. I'm wearing maternity clothes already, but have only gained 3 pounds. I felt flutters at around 13 weeks and I am starting to feel light kicks on a daily basis. I am starting to feel better, too!

Ava's 2nd Birthday Party

AG had a fabulous, little birthday party. All day long, she talked about her friends and CAKE! I really enjoyed watching the girls play with one another. It just shows me how much my little girl is growing up.
Family pic before the party

Cake and Disney Princess decor
AG couldn't wait for her friends to arrive.
Eating cake and ice cream

Thanks to everyone! Ava Grace loved her party!



These days have been hard for Little Miss. Not only did she get the ax on the pacifier, but she is also going through the "terrible twos" pretty hard right now. She is definitely testing the boundaries and learning the ropes of life's little ups and downs. We have been diligent in our discipline, but there have been some long, drawn out battles. I will make this statement: Graham and I are both strong-willed, independent people...I don't mean that in a negative way; although it can be. There are a lot of positives to having a strong personality. It makes sense that our daughter would have a similar personality. We are all being tested during this time.
Sometimes, after a long day, I will spend some quiet time with my sweet, little girl as she sleeps. She is and will always be a treasure, a gift from God! I love her so much, and because of that, I will discipline her in love.


What will it be?

We are so excited about having another child. What a blessing! In just a few weeks, we will be learning the gender of our new addition. I thought it would be fun to poll the audience. What do you think? Will Baby No. 2 be a girl or a boy? Please place your vote on the sidebar. I thought this would be a fun way to pass the time before we have the ultrasound.



It is no more...

For about a year, Ava Grace has only had her "C" at nap time and bedtime. In preparation for her second birthday, I snipped the end of the good ole pacifier. She was really mad at me and cried, "Pease, pease." I guess she wanted me to fix it. I asked her if she wanted to throw it out, and she said, "okay." She walked into the kitchen and threw it out. Unfortunately, she knows that I have a bowl of them in the cabinet.

She cried a bit at bedtime, but she is sound asleep now. It should be fine.

In the quest for becoming a "big" girl: big kid bed--check, no pacifier--check, check, potty trained--UGH!!! I guess that's next!

To be perfectly honest, this is all happening WAY too fast for me.

My dinner

I have been eating a lot of extra sharp cheddar cheese, dill pickles, and sweet gherkins lately. It is a great combination. In fact, it was my dinner tonight. Two baby dill pickles, three sweet gherkins, and six slices of extra sharp cheddar cheese--delicious!!  Graham loves it, too.
Since I have been pregnant, I have had an aversion to coffee and most sweets. I prefer savory, salty foods. Below: MY GUILTY PLEASURE!!!! Ahhhhhh, my mouth is watering! Instead, I better get myself outside for my daily workout.

Someone got out of bed

Wonder who?

I came in to check on Ava Grace at nap time and this is what I found. What a "no no!" But, so cute!

Love them!

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