All ready for Edy!

I have been a busy bee getting ready for my new little girl. For starters, I bought treats for visitors and labeled them. I did the same thing for AG, but her treats were a little bit more impressive! What can I say, I had an entire summer to nest and no little girl to occupy my time!
Pack in Play -- check! AG slept in our room for a month after she was born. 

Just-a Swingin'! Thanks for the great swing, Na and Pops! We are ready for Edy to try it out!
I really don't get the whole "going home outfit" thing, but it is a thing, right? AG came home in this little white dress. We are going to bring Edy home in it as well. Only difference, she will be bundled up due to the cold! When we get home (about a 5 minute car ride), we will take the dress off and put her in a sleeper.
Room ready for baby--check!

Baby book started--check!
All packed--check!
Goodness, we unpackaged some newborn diapers and started to laugh when we looked a them...I don't remember them being so small! Ahh!!! Back to changing diapers!

Today, I cleaned like a mad woman! Now, I just need to pack my own bags! Am I ready for this? It looks like it on the surface, but it is going to be such a big adjustment. We are really excited and ready to take the plunge, though. If you think about it, please keep us in your prayers. This is going to rock our world...in a good way!


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For our joy and His glory,