The Waiting Game

Today, I went to the doctor. Here's the run-down:

-Although, I have been having a lot of contractions, there have been no changes whatsoever (baby hasn't dropped, no dilation, no effacement, etc.)
-Doc thinks baby may be a little over 7 lbs. already with three weeks still to go.
-Doc told me to go ahead and schedule a c-section. He said that they are easy to cancel, but not as easy to schedule. With that said, if I do go into labor naturally--it will be easy to cancel the planned cesarean.
-I cannot be induced because of the previous c-section. Which means, if I don't progress naturally, I will be in for another C-section.
-I'll go back in a week for another exam.
-Long story, but I'm thinking that I will probably be having another C-section.
-We went ahead and scheduled the C-section.

Time will tell.


  1. I read your post back when you discussed having another c-section vs. VBAC and your concerns about taking care of AG and a new baby after a c-section so I wanted to leave you a comment from the point of view of someone who just had a second c-section. We had Aiden 2 weeks ago via c-section and lots of people had told me it was easier the second time around and they were totally right. I was able to move around with only tolerable soreness and no stiffness or real pain the day after. I have been amazed at how fast I recovered this time and only had a couple of days where I really had to be careful around Owen. Just thought I'd share a positive repeat c-section story since there's a good chance you'll be going down that road again. Good luck with everything!


  2. I can't wait to hear how it all plays out!! Edy Rose will be here soon!


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