I'm that person...

I am that person that constantly posts pics of my kids looking cute!
This blog was originally set up for our extended family--due to the fact that none of them live near us. And I know they appreciate the pics of their girls.

Now, for the pictures...

Ava Grace, I think you look cute ALL of the time...even when your hair is a mess, you have a snotty nose, dirty face, and all of that other fun stuff. You are my perfect little girl!


  1. Keep posting those pics - they are darling and Ava Grace's videos make me laugh. You have a wonderful little family. I love keeping up with Susy's friends and their lives with their children.

  2. I agree! Your girls are so cute! Ava Grace's dress is great, and that hat looks precious on her....especially with her curls!

  3. As for me and my house...KEEP THOSE PICTURES COMING! We are some of the extended family and we live for those pictures. Thank you Leslie for loving to blog. It makes our day and week. Love, Renee


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