wakiku (wa: like water, ki: like kitten, coo: like the baby sound) 

As a parent, we love it when our kids learn new things--say new words, learn new tricks, etc.  Once a milestone is accomplished, it's on to the next thing on the checklist.  This is bittersweet because the "new" things become every day occurrences and we become accustomed to them--and slowly forget.  There are some things that I don't ever want to forget. Wakiku is one of them!

The rule is to enunciate words correctly--no baby talk, right?  This is so kids hear the way words are supposed to sound and eventually make the connection.  We have totally broken this rule.

Ava Grace loves to lay in "Daddy's bed" and watch movies.  We typically let her watch part of a movie after her bath and right before bedtime.  She likes for us to watch the movie together; however it isn't always easy to drop everything and watch a movie.  About six months ago, AG started saying "wakiku" to get us to stay and watch the movie with her.  Wakiku meant watch with you.  I remember her saying, "I wanna wakiku, Mommy."  It was so sweet and Graham and I began to use the term too.  Over time, wakiku took on more than one meaning.  So here's the breakdown:  Wakiku - translates: watch with you.  Wakiku - means: play with you, lay with you, snuggle with you, sit with you, watch with you.  Basically, it means--spend time together.

So why the post?  Ava is slowly using the term less and less.  One day, this will be a distant memory and I just don't want to forget its sweetness.

I wanna wakiku forever!


  1. This post moved me to tears! AG is growing so fast, and changing moment by moment. These sweet memories will be replaced by new ones, but never forgotten, because you blog them. Never stop!! Thanks- Na

  2. Leslie I cried when I read this, I am sitting in Michigan with no snow, but I got to see the girls and laugh and cry. I love all of you so much, your dad and I love the spiritual Ava, she thinks she looks like Jesus.
    Love Nonna

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that story! Ben used to say "woobie!" for "shoo-wee!" We still say it. I hope we always do. There are some phrases you just can't correct them. They're too cute!!! And great memories!

    I almost teared up reading that. I've been meaning to post a few on Ian as well.


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