Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp is a great book for parents. I like it because Tripp bases his principles on the scriptures. Scripture has to be our ultimate authority; if we aren't guided by God's Word then we are doing our children a huge disservice.
Lately, we have been going through some challenges with our little two year old. Trust me, it has been a trying time and frustrations have been at an all time high, but we are starting to see some positive changes across the board. It has been slow and gradual but consistency has been the key (a lot easier said than done).

 In order to be the parent I'm commissioned to be, I've had to examine my spiritual walk closely and I'm humbled. I have so many areas where I have failed to trust God and let Him lead. I can use a reality check periodically--Thank you, Lord.

We will never master this parenting gig--no one will. Thankfully, we have God to lead, guide, and direct us through it all.

So worth it!

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  1. What a gorgeous picture of Ava Grace! And Edy still looks like a little doll. What cuties you have!


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